INDEPENDENCE DAY : The 17's with Dimonim Air

18-08-2017 by Admin

In order to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia's independence, Dimonim Air participated in enlivening by holding a 17 race. Event 17 enlivened by all employees at headquarters.

The event started after Ashar prayer, with remarks from the President Director of PT. Marta Buana Abadi Mr. Vicoas T.B. Amalo. The excitement of the event was felt by all employees who participated in the race. Competitions held include rubber estapet with straws, ping pong ball aesthetics with aqua glasses, feeding contest crackers, pencil entry contents to bottles, water-moving contest to bottle by hand.

Here are photos of the 17 race festivities along with Dimonim Air.

Click the image above for more photos.