PT. Marta Buana Abadi was established based on the Notary Deed by Yulida Desmartiny, S.H., No.: 02 dated 4 August 2008. The Deed of Incorporation was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia through Decree No.AHU-67541.AH.01.01 tahun 2008 dated 22 September 2008.

PT. Marta Buana Abadi’s Articles of Association have been amended several times, the latest in
Notary Deed Replacement by Yulida Desmartiny, SH dated 31 March 2010, concerning a change in the composition of shareholders of PT Marta Buana Abadi, domiciled in Jalan Cimandiri No. 6, Central Jakarta.

Although quite short, but it was under management and an experienced group of people in their field. Within a short period, we have managed to gain the trust and certain employment contracts with several mining companies, constructions companies, local governments and others.